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Site Related Questions
New content isn't showing up!
A: Refresh the page! Frames can do that sometimes.
I have an idea for the homesite... Where can I talk to someone about it?
A: You can only talk to Liz about this sort of thing - send her an e-mail or a message.
My question isn't here.
A: Then ask it, we don't bite.

Membership Related Questions
How do I register?
A: You register on the board, our rules will show up twice if you go through the members page. When you do register you need to make an introduction thread. Your username is automatically your name in the membership chart, you have to tell us your cattery, prefix, and url! Let us all know a little about you too. :)
How long do I have to be a member to help out around here?
A: Well it depends on the person.. Whether Liz knows them or not really. If she knows and trusts the person with a portion of the game they don't have to be members as long (ex. people she knew before the game). People she doesn't know too well have to wait a while for her to get to know you. You can always submit ideas though!
How complete does our cattery have to be when we register?
A: If you can fulfillthese requirements you're set for the time being: you have a webpage somewhere, this webpage is not a social networking site or neopets, and you have a place to view your cats. Your site can always be renovated too.
How long do I have to be registered before I can do ____?
A: Depending on what blank is, from the start or from a week or two! You can apply for adoptions the first day you join, you can register imported cats as many as three days after registration (unless special circumstances), and you can register your own foundation cats at a 7 day member time period. The longer you're a member, the more cats you can register in the game. Refer to cat section for more information on this topic.

Cattery Related Questions
Where can I put my cattery?
A: You can use your own host, a subdomain, a free host, a forum, a blog (NOT tumblr and specifically for your cattery). You can not use a tumblr account, a neopets page, facebook, myspace, twitter, or anything similar.
Do I need to know how to code to have a cattery?
A: Of course not, you can use one of the code free options above instead of a code one.
Can I use my cattery site for other things?
A: Yes and no. You cannot use a blog for other things and everything else you can. Please no nsfw content on your site unless clearly stated on the pages that contain it.
I want a subdomain where do I find one?
A: You'll have to look for yourself but Liz offers subdomains. You'll have to see her base site about it with forms and whatnot.
Hosting for a domain is expensive! Do you know any cheap place?
A: No sorry, but if you contact Liz she can get you a deal with our domain provider.
Does my cattery have to be styled a certain way?
A: Noo, it's yours, you can do what you want to.

Cat Related Questions
How/when do I register my cat???
A: It depends on what kind of cat it is. To register a foundation cat you have to be a week old or be one of the first few people to join. Knowing Liz from somewhere helps though to get foundations sooner. However, she has to know you'll stick around! Imports can be registered as soon as you join the game and only for the next three days. Imports are cats you have from a different cyber cat game 'session' as we'll call it. Usually they have parents, but not always. They may be from your cattery if they have siblings, if not they must be from another cattery. Head over to the registry to grab a form and e-mail it in.
Do I have to KNOW genetics?
A: Well they are essential for the registry but you can always ask others. Soon there will be a genetics guide up here. You really should know how to use a punnet square though for breeding, but there is a tutorial on that page as well.
Why are there three sections in a registry?
A: Well we're unique in the fact that not all cats qualify to become champions at once... There is a limit that is 20 cats eligible per breed. The champions are the once that have moved past being eligible and are now competing in smaller competitions for bigger titles. Eligible cats can be entered into champion shows so they gain enough points to reach that title. Basic cats are cats that are currently NOT eligible because they don't have enough points.
Ok, but what if there's more than 20 cats of the breed that have enough points to compete?
A: They go into a queue as spots open.
Why do we want champion cats when we can just have a lot of basic cats?
A: Kittens from basic cats aren't worth anything. You want prestigious lineage, don't you? That's what you want. You want the cat with the best ancestry.
When can I breed my cat?
A: Any time but kittens bred from basic cats get penalties that only go away once parents champ. Even breeding eligible cats is frowned upon and has a penalty as well.
Do I have to feed and groom my cats?? Is this a SIM??
A: No and sort of. This is a very particular type of simulation game. It works at a slower pace so if you need to take a break from it you can return to the exact state you left your cattery in.
Can I use a photograph of a cat for my cat?
A: Capital N, capital O. Why? Because that isn't what the game is about, you goof.

More will definitely be added as the game gets off its feet, this is all I really NEED to explain for now in Q&A form. :B