Basic Rules of CCC

1. You are only allowed one account per person. However having multiple accounts in a household is fine. If we suspect you of cheating we will confront you about it and ask you to cease. If suspicious activity continues, we will ban you and your "household member".
2. Our method for dealing with cheating is a two strike system, unless it is major. If it is minor, we will acknowledge it and give you a second chance. You will not have all of your privileges, and they may or may not be restored in time. Major offenses will result in an automatic IP banning.
3. You shall not steal another member's art. Our members work hard at what they do and unless they say it's ok and you have proof their cat is not yours. If a member leaves their cats remain unless taken back by the original breeder.
4. If you choose to leave, you may come back. Our arms are wide open, but banned members may never return.
5. CCC is a game, real life comes first.
6. If you have more than 2 word in your cattery name it cannot be your prefix. Prefix's can be two words, abbreviations, or a single word.
7. If you're a senior member, it does not mean you're better than everyone else. Everyone is on equal ground, except moderators. Treat the mods with respect if you have any complaints what-so ever about them, e-mail or message Liz.
8. Do not fight on the boards, it's extremely unbecoming of both you and our community. If you must fight with anyone be it in private and not public.
9. Do not complain to any moderators that people aren't adopting out their cats fairly. You don't know what others are submitting and it's their litter we can't do anything about it.
10. If you see someone breaking one of our rules don't comment on it. Message Liz, if she does not respond message a moderator of that area. Please provide a link to where the rule is being broken and a screenshot.
11. If you are openly rude, mean, or picking a fight you will be warned. Critiquing is not rude or mean, it may be harsh but sometimes necessary. We can not ban you for being a jerk but beware the consequences it has.
12. Even though you cannot be banned for above reasons, we will ban you if you get out of hand. If it gets out of hand it is disturbing the peace of the community that is essential for a smooth running game.
13. Know what you're getting yourself into. This can take a lot of work at times but remember number 5. If you need to leave for any reason drop us a little note excusing yourself for a bit when you're life need straightening out.
14. Cattery names, urls, prefixes, and usernames may not contain anything inappropriate.
15. You must speak English to play the game. It doesn't have to be the best English but it is our mutual language.
16. Refrain from using chat speak as it can be annoying.
17. Listen to your commonsense. If you don't have one, that's too bad, use what you know.
18. You must have a cattery by the time you submit. Social networking sites such as facebook or tumblr do not work, neopets does not work, a photobucket account does not work either. If you have no coding knowledge free hosts usually offer premade templates that can be altered without coding ability. It is suggested to have a little to play the game but is obviously not necessary.
19. Catteries do have to be complete by registration. They may be under construction, as long as we can view your cats on the webpages.
20. Have fun, it's just a game!

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